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The Presidential Election Teaching Kit The Presidential Election Teaching Kit

Every four years the pageant of our American democracy unfolds in the presidential election process. And you need the best materials to help make the campaigns and election come alive in your classroom.

This comprehensive resource will help teach everything your students need to know about how the presidential election works.

Published by Knowledge Unlimited, Grades 5 and up

3 DVD programs
  • Electing a President
  • The Presidency
  • The Electoral College

Resource Book
  • Choosing the President

2 posters
  • The Path to the White House
  • The Electoral College

DVD Complete Kit ... 4048DVDK ... $125.00

Parts of this product can be purchased individually:
  A More Perfect Nation: The Presidency DVD 4010DVD $39.95
  Choosing The President : A Resource and Activity Book for Teachers resource book 4012GD $19.95
  Electing a President - Classroom DVD DVD 5504DVD $59.95
  Electoral Map poster 7080P $6.95
  The Electoral College: Is This Any Way to Elect a President? DVD 5564DVD $29.95
  The Path to the White House Poster poster 7078P $6.95
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