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Electing a President - Classroom DVD Electing a President - Classroom DVD

This program lays out the history and process of presidential elections in a clear and lively presentation. The program explains the primaries, caucuses, and conventions; the electoral college; the hoopla that surrounds a presidential race; the roles of money and the media; and the importance of voting. From George Washington to today, this DVD demystifies the unique process Americans go through every four years to choose a new leader.

Teacher's guide includes script, learning objectives, reproducible activities, and bibliography.

Published by Knowledge Unlimited, 2004, 26 min., Grades 5 and up, Teacher's guide available online, ISBN 1-55933-183-6

DVD ... 5504DVD ... $59.95

  • Exceptionally clear, well organized, and up to date, this video will be very useful to school and public libraries. - Highly Recommended--Video Librarian

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