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The Golden Door: A Nation of Immigrants The Golden Door: A Nation of Immigrants

This program shows how the diversity within the U.S. has made us a unique and powerful nation. The DVD looks at the history of U.S. immigration, how patterns of immigration have changed throughout the years, recent immigration laws, and the renewed debate over immigration policies.

Teacher's guide includes script, learning objectives, reproducible activities, and bibliography.

Published by Knowledge Unlimited, 1996, 30 min., Grades 5 and up, Teacher's guide available online, ISBN 1-55933-204-2

DVD ... 5512DVD ... $59.95

  • Provides a good general overview of the history of immigration and touches upon the complex issues facing legislators today as America tries to live up to her historical words, a "teeming nation of nations." Recommended. - Video Librarian
  • An excellent overview of the diverse nature of immigration. . . . a useful tool for introducing classroom units on the impact of diversity on American history. - School Library Journal

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