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"We the People": The Story of the Constitution

When our founders wrote the Constitution, their goal was to create a strong government for a brand new country. They could never have envisioned the amazing culture, societal, and technological changes that awaited the U.S. in the following two centuries. Yet the same basic document that our founders wrote in 1787 still guides us today. This lively program puts the U.S.Constitution in its historical context. The program looks at the events that led to the Constitution's creation and the debates and compromises that came along the way. Peppered with historical quotes and filled with information, the DVD explains this pivotal time in our history in a clear way.

Teacher's guide includes script, learning objectives, reproducible activities, and bibliography.

Published by Knowledge Unlimited, 1997, 30 , Grades 5 and up, Teacher's guide available online, ISBN 1-55933-220-4

DVD ... 5520DVD ... $59.95

  • This fine documentary will be useful in school, public, and academic collections. - Video Librarian
  • Through historical paintings, color slides, voice dramatizations, and a stirring narrator, this video brings the Constitution to life. The content is sound and the presentation informative and entertaining.-School Library

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