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Bidding for Office: Who Should Pay for Elections Bidding for Office: Who Should Pay for Elections

Should candidates have to spend millions of dollars to get elected? Where do they get their money? How does the need to raise huge amounts of money affect who gets elected and the decisions they make? These are among many vital questions raised in this important and timely video. The program gives students a firm grounding in the facts and issues they need to know to have an informed discussion about campaign finance reform, and the problems with campaign financing that some feel are destroying our democracy. Students will learn about PACs, issue ads, soft money, and lobbyists. An excellent program for promoting critical thinking and discussion, this video comes with a 12-page discussion guide filled with reproducible activities, and a classroom poster.

Published by Knowledge Unlimited, 1998, 20 min., Grades 6 and up, Teacher's guide available online, ISBN 1-55933-272-7

This kit contains:
  • Bidding for Office:Who Should Pay for Elections?

  • Passing the Buck:Soft Money

Resource Guide
  • 12-page resource guide filled with reproducible activities

DVD ... 5536DVD ... $29.95

  • "The accompanying materials are useful in helping viewers to draw intelligent conclusions of the own. Recommended."-Video Librarian
  • "A lively format of news footage from television, newspaper reports,and actual interviews with articulate high school students makes for a highly appealing presentation... Ideal for civics, government,law and justice, and other social studies classes. This is a real find."- School Library Journal

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