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The Middle Ages The Middle Ages

We often think of the Middle Ages as a romantic era of castles, chivalry, and knights in armor fighting on horseback. In reality, life in medieval Europe was much more complicated, uncertain, and dangerous than that stereotype indicates. The Middle Ages transformed Europe from a collection of far-flung Roman Empire settlements to a continent of individual nations, the borders of which are in many cases still intact today. In the process, the era formed a cultural bridge between ancient and modern Europe. This video looks at several key aspects of the Middle Ages, including the Church, the Crusades, Feudalism, Art and Literature, Science, and the Black Death.

Teacher's guide includes script, glossary, and reproducible activities.

Published by Knowledge Unlimited, 2010, 27 min., Grades 5 and up, Teacher's guide available online

DVD ... 5574DVD ... $59.95

  • With extensive use of art images, a narrator defines and explains the period of time known as the Middle Ages in Europe, starting in the 5th century and ending from the 12th to 15th century...This concise summary will enhance the curriculum in middle school and early high school.--School Library Journal (January 2011)

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