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Great Black Americans- Poster set 1 Great Black Americans- Poster set 1

Original artwork distinguishes these full-color portraits of accomplished black Americans. The posters describe the life and achievements of 9 persons who succeeded in spite of prejudice and made valuable contributions to American society.

Published by Knowledge Unlimited, 17" x 22"

poster set ... 7194P ... $49.95 Set of 9

Parts of this product can be purchased individually:
  Great Black Americans - Booker T. Washington poster KUP25 $8.95
  Great Black Americans - George Washington Carver poster KUP18 $8.95
  Great Black Americans - Harriet Tubman poster KUP24 $8.95
  Great Black Americans - Jesse Jackson poster KUP184 $8.95
  Great Black Americans - Langston Hughes poster KUP19 $8.95
  Great Black Americans - Louis Armstrong poster KUP16 $8.95
  Great Black Americans - Martin Luther King, Jr. poster KUP20 $8.95
  Great Black Americans - Ralph Bunche poster KUP17 $8.95
  Great Black Americans - Thurgood Marshall poster KUP21 $8.95
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