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Art of the Hubble Poster Set Art of the Hubble Poster Set

The Hubble Space Telescope has been sending back amazing pictures of the universe for 15 years. This beautiful poster set features five of these artistic images. Each poster includes a brief paragraph about the image itself and another that describes the Hubble's mission.

Published by Knowledge Unlimited, 18" x 25"

poster set ... 7222P ... $43.95 Set of 5

Parts of this product can be purchased individually:
  Stars Being Born in Galaxy M33 poster 7222P5 $9.95
  The "Cat's Eye" Nebula poster 7222P1 $9.95
  The "Crab" Nebula poster 7222P4 $9.95
  The "Helix" Nebula poster 7222P2 $9.95
  The "Keyhole" Nebula poster 7222P3 $9.95
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