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Active English Active English

How can you get your students excited about English and language arts? We've got a brand new book that will definitely help: Active English: Learning Strategies That Will Have Your Students Asking, “Is That the Bell Already?”

Active English includes a wide variety of adaptable activities that benefit all levels of students, from remedial to gifted, grades 8–12. Students speak, listen, brainstorm, write, role-play, reflect, and play games on a wide variety of topics involving literature, poetry, writing, speech, and drama.

The book also includes detailed lists of opening lines, poetic starters, items, places, characters, proverbs, and writing prompts to provide endless opportunity for creative classroom activities, both written and oral.

Published by Cottonwood Press, 2010, 156 pp., Grades 8 and up

resource book ... 73962 ... $21.95

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