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AbraVocabra AbraVocabra

Help your students improve their vocabularies with AbraVocabra, a book that makes teaching vocabulary easy and effective. The book includes 24 lists of 12 words–all words taken from newspapers, magazines and television. The words are practical words that any reasonably educated person is likely to encounter in real life. AbraVocabra includes the following:

*“tip-off” sentences to help students figure out what the words mean *simple, student-friendly definitions *lots of ideas for getting the students to use, and thus learn, the words *interesting tests that do more than ask students to “regurgitate” definitions *playing cards and instructions for playing the "Vocabra" game

Published by Cottonwood Press, 152 pp., Grades 6 - 9, ISBN 978-1-87767

resource book ... ABRAW8 ... $22.95

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