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Suicide:Choices In Life And Death Suicide:Choices In Life And Death

This program explores the tragedy of teen suicide as it looks at the dramatic events surrounding the death of Rosemarie. Rosemarie's problems include a possessive boyfriend, worsening grades at school, and a demanding mother who insists that Rosemarie care for her younger siblings. Why are these problems so overwhelming to Rosemarie that she is driven to end her life? This program, focuses on how to recognize the signs of severe depression and hopelessness and looks at what people can do if they feel someone they knew is suicidal. At the end of the video, Rosemarie's friends take part in a group counseling session to examine the symptoms of depression and affirm the value of life for teens.

Published by Knowledge Unlimited, 1999, 20-30 min. approx., Grades 8 and up

DVD ... MG500D ... $29.95

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