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Race Relations Race Relations

This compelling program explores different aspects of race relations through several dramatic situations. In one skit, some girls expose their racism when a young Latina woman asks to borrow a lipstick from some white girls. A group of African American girls introduce the concept of "hue" and make subtle distinctions among themselves based on the shade of their skin tone. And an African American boy blames his failure to make the kasketball team on the color of his skin, although his friends point out that the real problem is his lack of skill. This skit is followed by a discussion among the real-life actors who talk about color and racism. Another skit depicts an African American teen and her father. The girl tells her father she is going on a date, which is fine until her father learns the boy is white. The final drama illustrates some of the unfair stereotypes different ethnic and racial groups hold about each other. The program raises many issues that help explode negative and destructive racial attitudes like stereotyping, hue envy, and judging people by the color of their skin.

Published by Knowledge Unlimited, 1999, 20-30 min. approx., Grades 8 and up, Includes teacher's guide

DVD ... MG508D ... $29.95

  • Recommended...sure to be a lively discussion starter, and because prejudice within racial groups is often overlooked in diversity education. -Video Librarian

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