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Gay Teens Gay Teens

This program starts with a discussion among the teen actors who are preparing to act out a short dramatic skit about gay teens. The young actors talk about how to handle the issue sensitively. They also candidly discuss the mixed feelings that appearing in this skit evoke for some of them. The discussion is followed by a skit in which a teenager has to decide whether or not to tell his friends he is homosexual. The program concludes with advice from a professional counselor who discusses the problems faced by gay teens, including depression and increased suicide risk. The counselor also advises gay teens on the best way to reveal their homosexuality to friends and family, if they decide to do so. And she talks about the best ways for straight teens to support their gay friends.

Published by Knowledge Unlimited, 1999, 20-30 min. approx., Grades 8 and up

DVD ... MG509D ... $29.95

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