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The Story of Knowledge Unlimited
Knowledge Unlimited, Inc. is a small, independent, woman-owned company based in Madison, Wisconsin. It was founded in 1983 by Judith Laitman, a former teacher. Her experiences teaching in a disadvantaged section of Brooklyn, New York, helped form the mission of Knowledge Unlimited. That mission is to assist teachers in making knowledge accessible to students of all ages and backgrounds and to assist teachers in creating an inclusive classroom.

Knowledge Unlimited is devoted to creating and distributing supplementary educational materials that can be used across the curriculum and that support an integrated learning approach.

Our award-winning educational materials are classroom-friendly and written on a level that students can understand. These include:

NewsCurrents -- Produced weekly by Knowledge Unlimited, NewsCurrents is the finest classroom current events program you will ever find. It is the ultimate integrated learning program and is ideal for the inclusive classroom.

Posters -- Knowledge Unlimitedís posters are more much more than decorative. They are teaching posters that provide useful and relevant information and contribute to a print-rich environment. They provide students with a different kind of opportunity to read and learn.

Videos -- Our videos are made specifically for classroom use. They are an ideal length for the classroom, and they are written on a level that doesnít assume the background knowledge that many programs, made originally for an adult audience, do. Each subject is carefully explained and unfolds in a way that students can absorb.

Resource Guides -- Knowledge Unlimitedís resource guides are distinctive and original. Our guides are made to be a useable and enjoyable supplement to the curriculum areas you teach.

Childrenís Books -- Zino Press Childrenís Books is a small division of Knowledge Unlimited dedicated to producing rhyming childrenís books to promote phonemic awareness, and distinctive and important non-fiction multicultural subjects.