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America's Westward Expansion

America's Westward Expansion

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America's Westward Expansion


Well before the United States became a nation, European settlers in North America were restlessly moving West. But beginning in 1805, with the explorations of Lewis and Clark, America's expansion to the West became relentless. Why would thousands of men, women, and children want to leave the relative safety and comfort of the East to face an uncertain future in the harsh and "unsettled" West? And what impact did this exodus have on the people who already inhabited the region: the Native Americans?

This highly acclaimed program takes a close look at some of the key events that spurred America's westward expansion, including the impacts of the Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark's expedition. It also addresses the conflict generated by this expansion between the new settlers and the Native Americans. And it covers the settlement of Texas, the Oregon Trail and settlements of the Northwest, and the Mexican War.

Teacher's guide includes script, learning objectives, reproducible activities, and bibliography.

Additional Information

Subject SOCIAL STUDIES, The American West
Publisher Knowledge Unlimited
Publication Year 1996
Running Time 30 min.
Teacher's Guide Download the guide
Professional Reviews What they are saying...
  • "3 1/2 stars This excellent tape covers the first 80 years of the Republic and includes important concepts. . . . Using archival material from ten museums and collections, employing top-drawer production values, and including an excellent teacher’s guide, this tape is highly recommended for school and public libraries." - Video Librarian
  • "This is an excellent history lesson compacted into 30 minutes. . . . The music and narration combined with the historic photos, archival stills, maps, charts, and other graphics move along. . . . The teacher’s resource guide is helpful and practical. This is an ideal overview before beginning a unit on Westward Expansion and can be used as a culminating lesson on the same topic." - School Library Journal

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