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Animal Farm

Animal Farm

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Animal Farm


In this animated program based on George Orwell's satire of communism in microcosm, barnyard animals assume leadership of a prosperous farm. No longer able to tolerate Farmer Jones's intolerance and abuse, the animals of Manor Farm revolt and take over. Led by the two most intelligent pigs, Snowball and Napoleon, they are determined to create a life of equality, harmony and prosperity. Life goes smoothly at first, but then gradually deteriorates as Napoleon senses the chance for power and position, and orchestrates lies to remove Snowball and assume control of the farm. Together with the other pigs, he rules over the rest of the animals -- who now feel that some animals are "more equal" than others. Directed by John Halas and narrated by Gordon Heath.

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Subject LANGUAGE ARTS, Classic Movies
Publication Year 1955
Running Time 75 min.

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