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Colonial America: From Jamestown to Freedom

Colonial America: From Jamestown to Freedom

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Colonial America: From Jamestown to Freedom


The first Europeans came to America for different reasons, but they had the same goal: the freedom to live their lives their own way, without oppression or interference. They could not have imagined all the struggles and challenges they would have to face just to survive in this vast, untamed landscape. Somehow they managed not only to survive but flourish, laying the groundwork for the modern world s representative democracy. This new program, produced expressly for the classroom takes students on a fascinating journey that began at Jamestown with just 104 settlers, and ended -- or started again -- less than 200 years later, with the Declaration of Independence.

Additional Information

Subject SOCIAL STUDIES, Early American History
Publisher Knowledge Unlimited
Publication Year 2008
ISBN 1-55979-222-1
Running Time 31 min.
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