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Critical Literacy Series

Critical Literacy Series

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Critical Literacy Series


Target students' skills in understanding, analyzing, and applying figurative language and connection ideas! We asked language arts teachers, What are the greatest challenges your students face when taking standardized tests? They answered, My kids don t understand figurative language, and they don t know how to infer information from a text.

That s why we created this series. Struggling readers can, and do, read. Their problem is understanding and processing the ideas behind the words. Critical Literacy includes direct, explicit instruction in skills that are essential to literacy. Each book contains 20 reading, vocabulary, and writing lessons: In Critical Literacy: Making Inferences, the lessons strengthen the reader s ability to make evidence-based guesses, recall relevant details, and analyze text and non-textual clues. In Critical Literacy: Figurative Language, the lessons focus on alliteration, analogy, hyperbole, idioms, metaphors, paradox, similes, and other figures of speech. 20 lessons in each book Including activities and instruction, each lesson takes 20 50 minutes to complete Addresses IRA/NCTE and McREL standards Comes with teaching tips, instructional guides, assessment suggestions, and more

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Subject LANGUAGE ARTS, General Language Arts
Length 94 pages
Grade Range 6-12

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