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Downwrite Funny

Downwrite Funny

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Downwrite Funny


DownWRITE Funny teaches all kinds of good stuff about writing but in an unusual way by appealing to young people s love of the ridiculous. Using an unusual blend of zany illustrations and out there writing assignments, Randy and Judy Larson lead students through a wide range of lessons and activities that will help them become better writers.

Subjects range from the basic (like avoiding sentence fragments and run-ons) to the practical (like using transitions) to the more advanced (like writing in active voice). All activities include wonderfully challenging and funny writing assignments that will stretch students minds and help them learn important lessons about writing.

Warning: This is not an ordinary book. Ordinary books don t include winged baby hippopotami nesting in a tree, crocodiles falling out of love or Frankenstein monsters at a self-help seminar. Ordinary books also don t appeal to young people the way this one does!

Additional Information

Subject LANGUAGE ARTS, General Language Arts
Publisher Cottonwood Press
ISBN 978-1-877673-
Length 128 pages
Grade Range 7-12

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