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Fall Is Not Easy

Fall Is Not Easy

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Children's Book ... SKU: 2344BK

Fall Is Not Easy - Marty Kelley


Written and illustrated by Marty Kelley

You've gotta feel sorry for your average tree. It's got a lot to worry about: squirrels, thunderstorms, kids building forts. Oh yes, and then there's that business about changing colors for the fall . . .

The tree in this rhyming story has its share of troubles with its fall colors. No matter what it does, nothing works out quite right. Does it end up looking like a cow? A smiley face? A jack-o-lantern? We'll never tell.

A great read-aloud or first read-alone. Rhyming text helps build language development and reading ability.

Full-color illustrations; jacketed, smyth-sewn, reinforced hardcover

Additional Information

Publisher Zino Press
Publication Year 1998
ISBN 1-55933-234-4
Length 32 pages
Grade Range preK-3
Professional Reviews What they are saying...
  • "The simplicity of concept is realized through accessible artwork and a rhyming text that flows along as clear and unassuming as the watercolor illustrations... Librarians complain that there are never enough simple picture books on autumn, trees, and leaves to fill teachers’ requests. This book will help fill that need, but remember to keep a copy for preschool story hour." - Booklist
  • "Adults should... laugh along with the kids at this tree’s attempts to conform... In visual humor that will elicit shrieks of laughter, the tree bursts into one inappropriate image after another, while muttering "that’s just all wrong" Most of these symbols are quickly recognizable to kids. This familiarity will encourage young readers’ pride in mastery of the text." - The Bloomsbury Review
  • "This is a delightful book with simple drawings that will appeal to young readers. Reminiscent of "Freddie the Leaf" by Leo Buscaglia, the author has used the tree to teach young readers about the seasons, and also about differences and tolerance. This will be an excellent storytime selection when talking about seasons, and classroom teachers will want to use this text for discussion about tolerance." - Children’s Literature

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