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Hands-on Math Projects With Real-Life Applications

Hands-on Math Projects With Real-Life Applications

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Hands-on Math Projects With Real-Life Applications


This resource book offers an exciting collection of 60 hands-on projects to help students in grades 6 -12 apply math concepts and skills to solving everyday, real-life problems! The book is filled with classroom-tested projects that emphasize: cooperative learning, group sharing, verbalizing concepts and ideas, efficient researching, and writing clearly in mathematics and across other subject areas. Each project achieves the goal of helping to build skills in problem solving, critical thinking, and decision making, and supports an environment in which positive group dynamics flourish.

Each of the projects follows the same proven format and includes instructions for the teacher, a Student Guide, and one or more reproducible datasheets and worksheets. They all include the elements needed for a successful individual or group learning experience. The projects are easily implemented and can stand alone, and they can be used with students of various grade levels and abilities.

This thoroughly revised edition of the bestseller includes some new projects, as well as fresh information about technology-based and e-learning strategies and enhancements; No Child Left Behind standards; innovative teaching suggestions with activities, exercises, and standards-based objectives; reading and literacy connections; and guidelines and objectives for group and team-building projects.

Additional Information

Subject MATHEMATICS, General Math
Publisher Jossey-Bass
Publication Year 2006
ISBN 978-0-7879-81792
Length 464 pages
Grade Range 6-12

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