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Language is Served

Language is Served

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Language is Served


Language Is Served includes word games, writing prompts, lessons, and writing activities that involve research, creativity, and/or application of skills studied in class.

Just a few activity titles: "Cheesy Rhymes" "Appetizing Antonyms" "Sizzling Synonyms" "Escape the Potato Blizzard" "Dishing up the Internet" "You Are How You Eat" "Delicious and Disgusting" "Overstuffed Sentences"

The author uses a sense of humor to teach serious writing skills and to engage students in playing with words and language an important step in learning to use our language skillfully. The activities cover a wide range of topics. They are: adjectives, alliteration, antonyms, appositives, apostrophes, audience, avoiding passive sentences, character development, cliches, compound sentences, conjunctions, creative thinking, description, details, dialogue, dictionary use, euphemism, following directions, foreshadowing, games, hyperbole, infinitive phrases, Internet research, interviewing, metaphors, news writing, nouns, organization, paraphrasing, participles, parts of speech, personification, plot, poetry writing, point of view, prepositions, pronouns, proofreading, puns, quotation marks, red herrings, research, rhyming, sentence combining, sentence fragments, sentence structure, sentence variety, similes, spelling, story starters, summarizing, supporting what you say, synonyms, synopsis, transitions, using vivid details, verbs, vocabulary, word choice, word games, writing prompts, and writing with clarity.

Additional Information

Subject LANGUAGE ARTS, General Language Arts
Publisher Cottonwood Press
ISBN 978-1-87767
Length 156 pages
Grade Range 7-9

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