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Shakespeare Tragedies: Origins and Style

Shakespeare Tragedies: Origins and Style

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Shakespeare Tragedies: Origins and Style


This program helps students gain an appreciation and understanding of Shakespeare. After exploring Shakespeare's life and the time of the English Renaissance, this program contains sections on understanding Shakespeare's poetry and the elements of Elizabethan drama. Also, by evaluating the tragic figure in Sophocles' Oedipus Rex, the Standard Deviants help viewers understand exactly what a tragedy is. Finally, the program offers a brief overview of Shakespeare's development as a writer of tragedy. Also explores Stratford-on-Avon, the Globe theatre, poetry, blank verse, iambic pentameter, Elizabethan drama, Aristotle and drama, the importance of words, real life vs. stage life, symbolic art, tragedy, tragic figures, Greek tragedy, tragedy in the Middle Ages, De Casibus tragedies, the wheel of fortune and more.

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Subject LANGUAGE ARTS, Literature, Poetry and Mythology
Publisher Cerebellum Corp.
Publication Year 2000
Running Time 45 min.
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  • "...definitely recommended...Sure to be both very popular and extremely useful..." - Video Librarian

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