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Teen Pregnancy

Teen Pregnancy

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Teen Pregnancy


The difficulties of being a teenage mother are brought to life in this dramatic program. Addie is a teenager living at home and trying to care for her infant son, with little help from the baby's father, Justice. The problems she faces raising a child and giving up her social life are compounded when she learns that Justice has made Tanya, another teenager, pregnant. Tanya uses a home pregnancy test and then visits a clinic for an exam to confirm the news. Tanya then has to tell Justice about the pregnancy. In the meantime, Addie, devastated by what Justice has done, worries about the future of her own baby. This program shows the reality of life as a teenage parent and opens the way for discussion and practical advise.

Additional Information

Publisher Knowledge Unlimited
Publication Year 1999
Running Time 20-30 min. approx.

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