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The Rules

The Rules

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Children's Book ... SKU: 2348BK

The Rules


Written and illustrated by Marty Kelley

Whatever happened to the carefree days of childhood? These days, being a kid means following rules. Lots of rules. Want a piece of cake? You've got to eat your peas first. Getting dressed? Make sure your underwear's clean. It's getting so you can't even stick a peanut up your nose without getting in trouble. Where's the payoff? It's right here. Because Marty Kelley, the best-selling author/illustrator of "Fall is Not Easy", has helpfully written all these rules down for you-and he's made 'em rhyme. And his pictures are so silly, you might even forget all about those rules- at least for a little while.

Full-color illustrations,jacketed, smyth-sewn,reinforced hardcover

Additional Information

Publisher Zino Press
Publication Year 2000
ISBN 1559332344
Dimensions 9" x 7" (H x W)
Length 32 pages
Grade Range preK-3
Professional Reviews What they are saying...
  • "Escalating the wry humor shown in his previous work, Fall Is Not Easy, Kelley’s multiethnic cartoons will tickle kids’ fancy while the rhyming text will remind them of grown-ups’ directives regarding everything from clean underwear to rubber-band guns... This bouncy, quick read will be a great icebreaker when talking about safety or parent relationships." - School Library Journal
  • "The author has written down all of the rules that a young child might hears during his early years. (No more playing with your food. Brush your teeth. Finish your dinner before your dessert.) These are rules that we’ve heard as children and also have uttered as parents. I particularly like "don’t stick peanuts up your nose." I must confess it reminded me of the few occasions, which as a child, I stuffed a crayon up my nose. Oh, the memories this book stirs up. Marty’s silly illustrations will make kids chuckle and if they are not careful they may enjoy the rules in spite of themselves. Either because of the silly illustrations or because they will recognize some of their own mischievous deeds, adults too will enjoy this book." - Children’s Literature

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