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Tools of the Ancient Romans

Tools of the Ancient Romans

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Tools of the Ancient Romans


A Kid's Guide to the History & Science of Life in Ancient Rome

Children will learn all about different civilizations and inventions-the way they changed history, their evolution over centuries, and their influence on modern times-through the activities and anecdotes provided in this interactive series.One thousand years of ancient Roman civilization and its effect on modern living are presented in this interactive guide. Divided into themes and further supplemented by time lines and sidebars, every aspect of Rome is discussed, from Pompeii and gladiator bouts to the technology behind Roman baths and siege machines. A comprehensive "who's who" of ancient Rome explains the various roles within the empire and also takes a look at their daily lives. Children's understanding of the Roman way of life is enhanced with 15 activities that range from creating mosaics to building replicas of Roman ruins.

Additional Information

Subject SOCIAL STUDIES, Ancient Civilizations, World History
Publisher Nomad Press
Publication Year 2006
ISBN 9780974934457
Length 144 pages
Grade Range 4-7
Professional Reviews What they are saying...
  • "A lively and entertaining survey of a millennium of Roman history." - School Library Journal
  • "Teachers will have students explore Roman civilization and learn about the culture and how it affects us today in a fascinating and engaging way. Recommended." - Library Media Connection

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